Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother Day!

Is been too long I never update my blog..

Busy.. and no idea about what topic I am going to write here.

13 May is just around, what so special actually??

Yes, my lovely mum's birthday.. Haha.. don't confuse, it is mother's day laa.

I never thought I'll got the chance to celebrate this moment together with my family.

As you all know, I am just too far away from home.

It is too tiring to back home every week because it take around 5 hours to reach.

Can't imaging that I am driving alone to back home sometime.

Haha.. I will back home alone once again this weekend.

Even it is very tiring journey but I am still enjoy and excite with it!!

I am love to be home together with my family, I do love the feeling.

Yes.. I am miss home now, I am miss my parents, and my dearest siblings..

There are a lot of assignments need to be done, the thesis as well.

But I don't care, haha, I want to be home now.

Feel great to have the chance celebrate the mother's day together with my family member this year.


"Happy Mother's day"