Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anugerah Day.

28 March 2011. 

A simple stage but meaningful. 

A Appreciation Night for those who are getting their academic grade with "Dekan" and "Bistari" and Sport achievement.
Congratz to everyone who are getting their cert and medal, and hope to c u all again in the same event next sem.(I wish I have the chance too. Hehe..)

For those my friend who absent this time, wish to meet u all next sem. 

Caught!! Eating in the event. 
Well time planning. My friend is using his time to study while waiting for the event start.
 I am not a "Dekan", I m jz a "Bistari" level.

I am not clever as u all think so, but I will trying my best to achieve higher.


A medal. Looks like I am still study in Primary School.  
  There is another cert I get, a basketball team. I did represent our MicroE school and reach to semi final.

Friend forever.
Happy to know them. Wish to be here again next sem.
It look blur. haha, take photo after the event finish.

 I will try my best for this sem again.

 Try hard too my dear friends, we still have 1 and half year to go.

All the best. 

Good luck friends.

Monday, March 28, 2011



















Thursday, March 24, 2011


3rd yr anniversary.   
12 March, our 3rd anniversary.
After a long time planning, we decide to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in KL. Even it is 3rd yr anniversary, but these was the 1st time we celebrate together.
It been a tiring journey from Kangar, Perlis to reach Bukit Jalil, and it take 9 hours to reach, terrible!
Even we were celebrating, but i jz dn forget my favourite M & M's^^  
We had our lunch in Wong Kok Restaurant. 

In this special day, we take our chance to meet our friends too.  Most of them still working around Bukit Bintang, therefore we plan to go there to find them. Very happy to meet them and they also spend their rest time to gather with us. A memorable moment. Friend forever..^^

Friends forever^^    

 Haha.. both photo we took near the building of Sungei Wang. We meet a special Uncle Purple.
Tea Time!! Daily Kopitiam the 1st choice!!!   

A wonderful tea time together with my favourite Chee Cheong Fun and Daily White Coffee. Yea!!
We had our dessert too right after our tea time section. "Snowflake"    
A present to my gf, Sticky!!
This time is the Old Town turn, Ice Blended Coffee with Choc Chips.
Again, I had coffee, this time was in KFC restaurant b4 I leave KL.

Hope there are many year to go as our anniversary too, I hope we can did that again and again. Love u my lovely gf. Love forever.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wedding Day

My brother was just had the wedding day, a memorable and unforgetable day. We were busy but we had a lot of fun. We did meet a lot of relative who join my brother wedding dinner, we were jz happy that some of the relative came to here even they were in Singapore and Johor. It's far, I know. Even this was tiring moment but we enjoy, our family member nvr complain and jz help out my brother for the preparation. My dad was jz sick during the period but it doesn't affect as we stil make it on time. I m did not slp over 10 hrs total for that 3 days, but I m does not feel any tire, I jz alright. Haha.. I m really enjoy.
A car design.. cost over 2 thousand dollar. it's worth.

 A memorable day, all the best to my brother.
A wedding dinner in Sungai Siput.
Even it's too tiring, but we jz had that fun. We were more than happier.
It was the moment that my grandma wishes. she jz wait for too long.
My girl friend was help a lot in this event. Haha.. 
Best wishes. 
Hope my brother and his wife, last and forever..