Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anugerah Day.

28 March 2011. 

A simple stage but meaningful. 

A Appreciation Night for those who are getting their academic grade with "Dekan" and "Bistari" and Sport achievement.
Congratz to everyone who are getting their cert and medal, and hope to c u all again in the same event next sem.(I wish I have the chance too. Hehe..)

For those my friend who absent this time, wish to meet u all next sem. 

Caught!! Eating in the event. 
Well time planning. My friend is using his time to study while waiting for the event start.
 I am not a "Dekan", I m jz a "Bistari" level.

I am not clever as u all think so, but I will trying my best to achieve higher.


A medal. Looks like I am still study in Primary School.  
  There is another cert I get, a basketball team. I did represent our MicroE school and reach to semi final.

Friend forever.
Happy to know them. Wish to be here again next sem.
It look blur. haha, take photo after the event finish.

 I will try my best for this sem again.

 Try hard too my dear friends, we still have 1 and half year to go.

All the best. 

Good luck friends.

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  1. Congratulation!
    Sure you can get "Dekan" if you want to~Jia you~^^